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Bee Farrell and Susy Webb believe that time spent cooking and eating together is vital for healthy and diverse communities. These powerful experiences of sharing offer opportunities for cultural knowledge interchange, the practise of food skills and empower social and personal health.

They are not the only ones who work to promote this basic human need. Oxford University Professor of Psychology Robin Dunbar worked with the British charity The Big Lunch. He believes that “making time for and joining in communal meals is perhaps the single most important thing we can do – both for our own health and well-being and for that of the wider community” (2016).  

Through lively and interactive social engagement events and learning programmes that include feasts, talk programmes, conversations around the table, food walks and skills’ workshops Farrell and Webb co-create enlightening, educational and tasty encounters with food and eating. 



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Bee and Susy met on the Anthropology of Food masters programme at SOAS, University of London in 2013. There they further developed their knowledge about the politics, economics, history, cultures and traditions of food and eating from world leading professors and fellow scholars. 

Bee's food background is in writing (she is a member of The Guild of Food Writers) education, consultation and project management of heritage, sustainability, architectural master planning and food security work. Susy has worked in a variety of business settings in Greece, France, America and Iceland. She is now interested in how food investigates the peculiarities of different cultures. 

Food is fundamental. Biologically and culturally. Yet perhaps because eating is such a frequent experience the stories and knowledge that surround the view that "we eat what we are" become invisible. Bee and Susy aim to make some of those stories more visible through co-curating food experiences and educational events that trigger discussion, memories, knowledge exchange, sustainable food practices and inspiration. 

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"Fabulous session, great to be taken back to traditional methods in a calming environment"  

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"The loveliest of events that I have ever been to!"

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